Diamond Earring Replacement Specialist

Why cash out on the full value for a pair of earrings when only one is missing? Why worry about disposing of salvage when you're left with one earring that's missing its mate?

Neil Diamonds specializes in diamond replacements and we're able to create a perfect match for one existing earring in like, kind and quality. We carry a full selection of loose diamonds in a wide range of qualities, all of which are all laboratory certified, laser inscribed and name branded. Our stones are cut in the same fashion as larger engagement ring diamonds resulting in optimal brilliance. And, most diamond studs are cut deeper than normal, bringing out the true quality that only Neil Diamonds can deliver.

We guarantee your policyholder won't be able to identify which earring from the new set is the replacement! That's because its common practice for Neil Diamonds to reset the existing diamond - this service is completely FREE and ensures a 100% match. We utilize the finest mountings with thick tension posts and larger t backs, so both earrings are equally secure to help prevent future loss.

An updated formal appraisal, with a photo, is supplied for the entire set. Utilize our convenient Express Mail Service to send us an existing diamond earring and we'll send back a stunning new set in as little as 2 business days.

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