Express Mail Service

Neil Diamonds has redefined Express service! Our recently upgraded mailing procedures have gotten rave reviews. Many insurance companies who currently rely on Neil Diamonds utilize our pre-addressed, pre-paid, pre-insured Express Mail Service with much success. This safe way to expedite the handling of claims means the turnaround time on jewelry replacements or repairs is only 2 days! And, the entire process can be done without even leaving the comfort of home or office.

Neil Diamonds insures the contents of the mailing packets up to $25,000 or more using Jewelers Mutual. This provides all the security needed for sending valuables anywhere in the country. Best of all, there is no cost to your company or to the policyholder.

  • Pre-addressed mailing packets make it simple
  • Pre-paid postage means no additional costs
  • Pre-insured for up to $25,000 or more using Jewelers Mutual, ensures the contents are protected

Using this service enables us quickly to match a diamond earring, review a salvage piece for an immediate bid or to obtain a broken item that needs repair. To take advantage of this FAST, SIMPLE and SAFE way to handle jewelry replacements, simply Contact Us so we can send you or your policyholder an Express Mail pouch. The packet can be handed to a mail carrier or brought to the post office. Pick-ups can also be arranged by phone or online at