Laser Inscribed Diamonds

Neil Diamonds provides the most up-to-date services in the industry, including a fabulous (and FREE!) way to protect and personalize jewelry by laser inscribing each piece.

By means of a special devise similar to the lasers used in eye surgery, it is now possible to inscribe diamonds and other gems. This service is only used by the top gem dealers around the world and Neil Diamonds is pleased to offer it on all our EGL and GIA-certified stones.

Here is what laser inscription can do:

  • Discretely inscribe diamonds, colored stones, and metals with a unique identification number
  • Help protect your property in case of theft or loss
  • Imprint gemstones and jewelry with personal message, symbols or logos – for example, “Mary Loves Joe, 10-21-08“
  • Imprint with variable magnifications, ranging from 10x to 100x

This process is not only completely safe, but the inscription is microscopic and is visible only under magnification of 10x or higher. This method DOES NOT mar the item in any way. Laser inscription is another way Neil Diamonds goes the extra mile to protect diamonds. We make it standard policy to inscribe all our stones with an ID number and our store logo, so your policyholders receive added security.