Salvage Jewelry

Neil Diamonds has been purchasing salvage from Insurance Companies across the country for over 30 years. We have a long history of converting all types of salvage items into fast cash to help you close files quickly and with ease. Cash right on the spot is completely attainable and will directly impact your companies' bottom line.

To get the most value out of damaged jewelry, gold scrap, chipped diamonds and even broken watches, Contact Us.

Neil Diamonds buys everything and no amount is too small. Fire or flood damage, no problem! Neil Diamonds can provide higher payments on salvage than traditional Retail stores, therefore saving big money on the file.

We pay cash immediately after our free bids are accepted.

Sending salvage to Neil Diamonds for inspection has never been easier using our Express Mail Service. There's no out-of-pocket expense for you or your policyholder, and no time is wasted.

We work directly with your policyholder to arrange for salvage pick-up and delivery. Neil Diamonds will manage the process so you don't have any added work. So, don't wait any longer to contact Neil Diamonds for immediate collection, immediate purchase and immediate payment on salvage in any condition.

While other companies may not want to bother purchasing salvage, we do and have been doing it successfully to accommodate our Insurance clients. Neil Diamonds knows that every piece of salvage is worth something and we're ready to help you recover money to complete your records quickly.